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'Together For Ukraine'

Together For Ukraine is a 19-track CD album recorded by international world music and rock music artists to raise funds for projects to help Ukrainian refugees. Those artists include the Warsaw Village Band and Czeremszyna from Poland, The Wedding Present, TV Smith and The Ukrainians from the UK, three famous Ukrainian bands from Canada - Tyt i Tam, Zapovid and Vostok, and industrial power duo from Kyiv, Attraktor. It's an eclectic mix!

All of the artists have waived their royalties to maximise the amount of funds raised.

The project came into being when a number of artists contacted British Ukrainian world / post punk group The Ukrainians asking if there was anything they could do to help following the step-up of military action in Ukraine by Putin's regime in February 2022. A few bands had already made their own versions of the band's songs, so the idea was expanded to create an album with a view to diverting all the profits to refugees from war-torn Ukraine.

It is estimated that there are almost 9 million refugees from Ukraine since the hostilities started. Please help us help them.



  • 1. Durak - Tyt I Tam
  • 2. Teper My Hovorymo - The Wedding Present
  • 3. Smert - Czeremszyna
  • 4. Europa - Die Ukrainiens
  • 5. Tykha Voda - La Rissa
  • 6. Dva Vinochky - Davno
  • 7. Tebe Zhdu - Soma
  • 8. Shche Sto Hram - Lazlo Baby
  • 9. Doroha - Warsaw Village Band
  • 10. Oi Divchino - God Is My Co-Pilot
  • 11. Polityka - TV Smith
  • 12. De Ye Moya Myla - Pablo's Paintings
  • 13. Shche Raz - Alan
  • 14. Nadia Pishla - Jurij Josyfovicz
  • 15. Kyivskyy Express - Pronghorn
  • 16. Zavtra - Vostok
  • 17. Chy Znayesh Ty - Zapovid
  • 18. Cherez Richku Cherez Hai - Attraktor
  • 19. Dity Plachut - The Ukrainians

Together for Ukraine

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